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I'm even getting in shape, too!

I am at a pretty good spot in my life right now. It is like everything aligned for me this year and I seriously have no complaints about anything. I still have a little more debt than I would like but I’m constantly working on paying that off each month. I can do that because of my awesome job that I started a few months ago. This is my first really good job and I’m not going to screw it up. I am on time and do everything that is expected of me and then some. I have my friend Randy to thank for getting me hired on as he works there too so that is another reason I don’t want to mess up.

I also should be hearing back about my Singapore permanent resident application soon. I am expecting that to be approved so that is another thing I have going for me. My girlfriend is another huge part of why I am so happy now. We met 4 months ago and while I don’t want to jinx anything I think she might be the one. We are talking about moving in together which would be the next logical step. Her lease is up in two months and I have plenty of room here. She pretty much already lives here as it is now. I think last week she only stayed at her place one night. There is of course a huge difference than what we are doing now to her actually moving in. That is why nothing is official yet.

The last and probably most important thing is I am finally where I want to be as far as my weight and overall fitness. We only have one body and I decided around this time last year that I wanted to take better care of mine. I cut out all the sodas and fast food and that was a huge help. I also started running which I was never a fan of until I really got into it. I don’t do distances but rather go by time and right now I can run a solid hour without stopping. When I started I was lucky to get 5 minutes in before I had to stop. I am hopefully going to run my first marathon later this year. I think I can do it I just need to ramp up my training.

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